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Children Working At Home (CORONA)

What can my child do if they are at home for prolonged amounts of time?

We understand that some children have to remain at home, and that they might be well enough to complete tasks and activities. Much of the work done in class on worksheets and in books is not suitable to be sent home, because it needs teaching by the teacher, requires specialist resources to complete, and it fits within a sequence of several lessons. However, we want children to keep in touch with the National Curriculum. Therefore, the document below provides ideas for English, maths and topic for each year group. It is not an exhaustive list, but a starting point for parents - if everything on the list is done to a high standard, children will certainly kept busy and their minds will be active. We are unable to provide individual tasks for children. The topic work will be relevant to what your child has recently studied or what they are currently studying. The other elements are in line with the year group's National Curriculum objectives. We hope that this is helpful, should your child need to remain at home.