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SChool Closure Work

Activities and tasks are now on the website.

I hope that you are all well, and that home-educating is giving you a good insight into how your child learns.

The learning tasks are all now on the website. New ones will be added next Monday. The document below shows how to access them. They are all stored under the class tabs on the website.

Your child should have brought home a learning pack and/or other resources. Please encourage them to use these for spelling, grammar and number support. They will be used to doing this in school.

We urge you to encourage you child to spend quality time on each task, rather than racing through them all scrappily and announcing, "I'm finished!" Also, if your child says, "I don't get it." tell them that we do not allow that to be said in school. We say, "If you do not understand something, ask a specific question about a specific part - we are not going to do it for you."  We encourage supportive struggle: it is fine for children to struggle for a little while (in a supportive and encouraging environment) to recall facts and knowledge - it improves their memory.

We are here to help should you need us.

We still have some learning packs in school. If your child was absent on the last day please pop in and collect them.