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New Closure Work WB 30.03.20

Hello everybody! New work for each class has been added to the website.

To find the work, go to:

- Classes (then find your class)

- Closure Provision

The overview for the week is on the document named Y4 Work WB 30.03.20 (for example). Any paperwork needed for those activities can be seen on the class page too.

PLEASE do not worry if you cannot complete all tasks. We know that not everybody can print off resources or get to school to collect resources. Be flexible - whatever you do around teh set tasks will be fine! Reading, maths targets and times tables (for some year groups) are the easiest things to do, and they need hardly any resources. We are all improvising, and from what I have seen so far on Twitter and pictures that have been sent to me, you're doing brilliantly.

I will be in school all day tomorrow (Tuesday 31st March) - please do call if you would like to chat about work or any other concerns. Alternatively, email me.

Our Twitter feed is really helpful - any questions on there can be answered quickly. Also, it's quick and easy to send pictures to us. You can also see what other parents are doing at home - get some new ideas!

I hope that you are all okay. Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Shipp