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code club success

Moulton pupils' code to be run on the International Space Station

Some of our children in Y4, Y5 and Y6 take part in an after-school weekly code club session with Mr Fretwell, one of our parents. Pupils learn to write computer code to do all sorts of exciting things, but this week saw the children writing code that will be sent to the International Space Station - yes, you read it correctly, the actual  International Space Centre. Mr Fretwell is working with the pupils on the Astro Pi Project. Each group's code will be uploaded onto the site and translated to a message which will be displayed to the astronauts in space for at least 30 seconds. Having spent an hour with the pupils last week, Mrs Shipp was in awe of their skills with what looked like a very complicated string of letters, numbers and characters. If you do not yet know what a Raspberry Pi is - have a Google search.

More information about the Astro Pi project can be found here: