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Online Safety Bulletin

The first Online Safety Bulletin is here.

Please find attached our first edition of the Online Safety Bulletin. It has been put together with 6 online safety ambassadors from our school (from Y5 and Y6) and 6 pupils from Newmarket Academy. I had a meeting with the online safety ambassadors today, and they have asked that I pass on the following advice to you.


  • Please read the bulletin carefully. Online safety applies to every child.
  • Please do not share the ‘In The News’ section with younger children. Paper copies should be sent in an envelope, as they might not understand and they might be too scared.
  • Please contact Mrs Shipp or Mr Fisher (Newmarket Academy) if you have any worries about online safety.

I was incredibly impressed with our ambassadors’ attitudes. They have offered so much knowledge and advice, and I am delighted to be able to pass this on to our families. One of the ambassadors designed the logo – I think you’ll agree that it is fabulous.

I know that some of the messages are startling, but I want to ensure that every family in our school is in the best possible position to keep their child safe. Sadly, as a headteacher, I hear of online safety abuse from colleagues in other schools. It can happen to ANY child.