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Nutcracker In School

Toby Nutcracker has been with us for a week!

Have you spotted nutcrackers around Newmarket town centre? Did you notice that each one was named by a local primary school? The Newmarket BID gave each school the opportunity to name a nutcracker, then they were positioned around town as part of a nutcracker hunt. Your child might have taken part over the holidays. Well, our nutcracker was named by Beth (year 5), and it was her name, Toby, that was pulled from a hat of many unusual and funny names. He will be spending a few weeks in our shcool hall, and then were are hoping that he will be the stimulus for a writing competition. Other schools in the area will also be taking part in the competition. So far, Toby has behaved well, but who knows what he gets up to when the teachers have all gone home...