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Performance Tables

School performance tables are online.

The performance tables for Suffolk are now published, and we are delighted to see that our school’s excellent performance in 2017 is recognised, particularly amongst the primary and middle schools in West Suffolk. We know that performance tables are not the only indicator of the quality of education that a school provides, as cohorts can change year on year. Figures are not adjusted for any school cohorts nationally with a high proportion of SEN children and other challenges. The mobility of children is also a factor – many children in Year 6 classes nationally have been to several schools, having statutory assessments carried out by different teams, which can affect their progress. However, we are delighted that since the introduction of a Year 6 cohort at our school, 5 years ago, our teachers have worked very hard with pupils to help them to achieve their very best – the performance tables have consistently reflected this. So, we ask that you celebrate our SATs success with us when you look at the performance tables, but remember that we are also proud of the hundreds of  tiny things that our pupils do each and every day that give our school that unique Moulton feeling.