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Would your child like to lead an assembly?

We are always looking for ways for children to develop their confidence and speaking skills. Several children have recently requested that they would like to talk to the whole school about things, which is wonderful. To ensure that assemblies do not become a talent show or a show and tell session, which could be monotonous week after week,  the children have been spoken to about the kinds of things that would be appropriate. (Please see planning sheet). There is also an ideas list which will help parents to understand the kind of thing that we are looking for. Children have been encouraged to collect a form from the office if they are interested in doing an assembly, and we would appreciate your support with helping your child.  Due to the anticipated interest, we will not be able to provide provision for assemblies to be organised in school - it is important that staff have a lunch break and time to prepare for the afternoon's learning, so they will not be in a position to make resources with your child. Mrs Shipp will look over all completed forms and resources, and if your child's assembly is appropriate, she will pencil in a date for them to lead the assembly. It is important that we mantain high standards of behaviour in assembly, so we will ony allow assemblies to go ahead if they are well-prepared, sensible and will hold other pupils' interest. We hope that you will enjoy supporting your child with this if they choose to get involved.