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Sports Day

Keeping Safe in the Sun on Sports Day

We are aware that some parents are concerned about sun exposure to spectators on sports day, and we would like to offer some solutions and reassurance. Many of our families have children in Reception, KS1 and KS2, which means being out in the sun for the whole day asa spectator. We have been asked about gazebos as a means of shade. We have consulted with the local authority about this, and we were advised not to allow parents to bring their own gazebos for insurance purposes and due to hazards. We do not want to go against their advice. However, we do want to ensure that everybody feels safe in the heat. We propose to take the following actions to help with the situation:

- We will provide seats in the shaded area under the trees on the playground.

- We will provide a water and sun cream station.

- We will open up the hall for the majority of the day (not over dinner time) where spectators will be able to have a sit down and a drink in the shade throughout the morning and the afternoon.

- Reception and KS1 will have an indoor break part way through the morning. KS2 children will also have an indoor break if adults feel that it is needed.

- All children will have access to a drink during the activities.

We hope that this will reassure families that there will be places and opportunities for them to get out of the sun.

We considered holding KS1 and KS2 sports days on different days on consecutive weeks, so all events would take place in the morning, but we know that this would have been very short notice for working parents. We are happy to consider this for next year if parents would like us to.

Our children's safety will remain our priority, and if we feel that they are at risk of over heating, we will cut short the proceedings.

I hope that our solution reassures you. Please contact Mrs Shipp if you have any concerns.

Thank you!