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values and ethos

                                 INDIVIDUALITY - COMMUNITY - RESPONSIBILITY

Our staff and pupils develop themselves by working together to uphold our values - we believe that learning is a life-long journey. Each half-term, based on pupils' needs, we decide on a new value around which we focus much of our collective worship, RE, and PSHE learning. We explore how our values impact our daily life and the lives of other people locally, nationally and globally. Each value is linked to one or more of our three main values: Individuality, community and responsibility. The document below explains how we hope our three main values will impact on everybody's daily lives.


Spring 1 2018 EMPATHY

We will be thinking about putting ourselves in others' shoes to imagine how they might feel about a situation. We will be thinking about friendships and helping pupil to understand how children feel if they are excluded from games or if they are the subject of unkind words. We will be exploring bible stories, which will show how biblical figures were able to show empathy towards others.

Autumn 2 2018 TOLERANCE

We have been thinking about how we can be tolerant towards others despite their beliefs, habits and opinions. We have talked about religious hate crimes and how to respond to those who might look or act differently. Onr of our assemblies focussed on sane and different - we discussed how we can build a relationship with everybody based on a similarity that we might share.

Autumn 2018 - PATIENCE

We begin this academic year thinking about patience. As children learn the routines of their new class, they will need patience. We will be talking about how we can tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. We'll be exploring stories, poems and prayers about patience in classes and in assemblies.

Spring 2018 - RESPECT

We have talked about how everybody in our school community deserves equal respect and how we can all show respect. We have also talked about having respect for ourselves and how we can try to develop a positive view of our bodies and our talents. More recently, we have talked about how we should respect authoritative figures. We looked at the qualities of such people and the responsibilities that they have. (We talked about how we don't always like our mum's and dad's decisions, but we should respect them!) The children have considered one of the 10 commandments - use God's name respectfully, not as a curse or a swear word in bad situations.