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Summer Term 2016

Our Values and Ethos

Working together, within a happy, caring, Christian community, we aim to inspire, encourage and enable children to be the best they can be.

Our Vision

Moulton CEVC Primary School celebrates the uniqueness of each child.  We work together to provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum within a positive and nurturing environment where everyone has the right to be safe, to be happy and to learn.  We are committed to striving for continual improvement to enable all children to achieve.

We want our children to leave us with independence, resilience, emotional intelligence and good communication skills; with a sense of responsibility and self-worth.  We aim to develop their ability to work successfully with others.

We aspire for our children to leave us with the confidence to ask questions and to try new things; to leave us with a love of learning and a desire to learn more.  We hope they will become people we happy to trust our future

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Naomi Snowdon

Marvellous Moulton

Find out about the activities we do that help us grow.  Learn about the experiences we have that help us develop. Discover the things that are important to us, as members of our school community and as adults of the future.

The Spring term began with a parade of kings when the children from Year 1 learned about Epiphany.  Children in Key Stage 1 and Reception had great fun making crowns and learning about this important time in the Church year.

The Junior Road Safety Officers have had a busy time in recent months.  They have worked with residents of the village as part of the Speed Watch campaign.  The children spent some time looking at how speed cameras can help reduce the speed of cars when they travel through the village.  The JRSOs also spent time looking at the parking issues which parents face when dropping off and collecting their children from school.  The findings were passed on to the Governors of the school in the hope of improving parking provision at our school.

As the season of Lent arrived the pupils in Key Stage 1 took part in a sponsored pancake toss.  Everyone had great fun and enjoyed working together with the Moulton School PTA to raise some money.

The pupils in Year 4 became more environmentally aware when they took part in a ‘Water Day’.  Anglian Water came to the school and taught the children about what happens to our water when we flush the toilet and let the plug out of the bath.  The children learned that water is a valuable resource and then made pledges about how they might be able to use less water.

We love to share our learning and the Spring term saw every class delivering their sharing assembly to parents and carers. This is a great opportunity for pupils to see what other classes have been learning about and also a chance for parents and carers to gain an insight into what goes on behind our classroom doors.  The assemblies were made even better because we were all able to use the new projector and screen in the hall.  This was paid for by Moulton School PTA and is an amazing piece of equipment.

In preparation for the Queen’s 90th birthday, children from many classes took part in the Clean for the Queen campaign.  Children worked hard to collect litter near their homes in order the make the countryside neat and tidy.   We are very proud of the children who took part in this national event.

A huge, green tractor arrived in school in late February.  Many classes in the school had the opportunity to explore the vehicle and find out about the importance of farming to our local community and beyond.

Practice, practice and more practice – this was the message from our musicians when they treated us to a concert in March.  All of the children who learn a musical instrument in school showed us what they have been learning when they played their instruments to the whole school and their parents.  We were amazed at how well they were able to play their instruments.  They inspired some pupils to learn a musical instrument next year!

The Junior Road Safety Officers were busy again teaching the whole school about the Green Cross Code.  They spent time in our Reception Class as well as Year 1 and 2, helping the pupils learn how to cross the road safely.  They encouraged the children to show their understanding by taking part in a green cross code competition.

The Spring term was packed with exciting opportunities for all of our pupils.  Keep an eye out for our Summer Term update. We are looking forward to more wonderful experiences!


    Images from around the school