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Moulton CEVC Primary School

Our School Day

Below is an outline to the children's day.

Time  What is happening
8.45am School doors open, children go to classrooms and learning begins
8.55am School doors closed
9.00am Registers close
10.10am Assembly
10.35am Break - 10.35am to 10.50am
11.50am Reception Class lunchtime begins
11:55am Year 1 lunchtime begins
12.00pm Year 2 lunchtime begins
12.15pm Key stage 2 lunchtime begins
12.50pm Reception Class lunchtime ends
12.55pm Year 1 lunchtime ends
1.00pm Year 2 lunchtime ends
1.15pm End of lunchtime for Key Stage 2
3.00pm Reception Class are dismissed from classroom 
3.05pm Year 1 are dismissed from School (ramp exit)
3.10pm Year 2 are dismissed from School (ramp exit)
3.15pm Year 3, 4, (ramp exit) 5 and 6 children (back exit) are dismissed